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Joshua's first concerto recording is released

Official news of Cellist Joshua Roman

Superstars At Play

BFOM recital slightly revisedby Christopher Key

By the time tonight’s Bellingham Festival of Music recital was over, my program looked like a Pentagon flow chart, with arrows going every which way. Cellist Joshua Roman, soprano Heidi Grant Murphy and pianist Kevin Murphy decided they wanted to have a little fun and bring the audience along with them. I didn’t hear any complaints.

Roman got things underway with Boccherini’s Cello Sonata #6 in A Major, G.4. He is starting to mature a bit and looks somewhat less like a 12-year-old. Maybe it’s just the glasses. One thing he has not lost is the boyish charm which, when added to his technical wizardry, have made him a superstar. This was demonstrated just prior to his launching into a particularly difficult passage. He gave the audience a little half-smile that seemed to say “Watch this!” It was definitely worth watching.

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