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Joshua's first concerto recording is released

Official news of Cellist Joshua Roman

Joshua Roman joins Twitter

NEWS FLASH! Joshua Roman has been sucked into yet another online community. He is now a tweeter. Or a twitterer. Or whatever. As if a website, Facebook page, Myspace page, YouTube channel, an Instant Encore Fanpage, and a friendster account (luckily, at least this social network has fallen by the wayside) aren't enough, now he is posting random thoughts on his new Twitter account. Outside sources say that so far he has only tweeted 18 times in the last 3 weeks, and at least one was just a link to his blog. However, a well placed source within the musical community speculates that if the famous tweeting addiction sets in, he may be notifying followers of every missed shift or crunchy bow change. If you are a fan of the random, or just like the occasional quote or update on your mobile device, click here to be a part of the spectacle.