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West Coast, Baby!

Sitting next to Midge, thousands of feet in the air, wishing for once my cello would let me have the window seat. I'm on my way to San Francisco, after a brief time in Seattle. It's been a while since I last wrote one of these entries, and lots has happened! I just left New York City a few days ago for this current trip, which includes concerts in San Francisco (my debut with the San Francisco Symphony), Tulsa (where I'll be performing with the orchestra my sister plays violin in), Santa Barbara, and more activities and fun on the West Coast.

Playing on the Beach at the Puget Sound - Photo by Bruce Dugdale

Last night I had the pleasure of sitting in the audience while Brooklyn Rider performed an energetic concert at Town Hall Seattle, where I run a chamber music series called TownMusic. They are quite an engaging string quartet, and the audience was extremely responsive. My favorite selection of the evening was "Achilles Heel", a piece written by one of the ensemble's members, Colin Jacobsen. It seemed obvious that someone in the group had written the piece, because the parts (individually AND as a whole) were finely crafted in order to fit their personality and highlight the idiosyncrasies that make them such a unique and powerful performing presence. The piece is also very interesting in and of itself, it is full of ideas and textures that made my imagination run wild, and seemed to be drawn from a myriad of sources and inspirations outside of the "classical" mold. It held together very well, the unifying factor was definitely Colin's personality, and skill at presenting his compositional ideas in a direct and uncomplicated way. I could go on...

The rest of the program was also exciting, and if you're interested I definitely recommend looking at their tour calendar, and/or purchasing a CD from their website. This was definitely one of those times where I got to sit back and relax, and enjoy being an Artistic Director! Looking forward to more exciting concerts in Seattle in April and June... for now, back to my score, and gazing at the clouds below. Haydn's Concerto in C Major isn't going to study itself!