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The Music of Alexandra Gardner

One of my favorite things about being involved in the musical community is the collaboration with other artists. And in my experience, working with composers and performers to be a part of the creation of a new work of art is extremely rewarding.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of performing on a composer showcase at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore. The concert was a part of a series called Mobtown Modern, a very creative series run by Brian Sacawa. This particular show was exciting for me, because I got the chance to work with fun musicians, and play the music of Alexandra Gardner.  I've known Alex for a while now, and not only is she a good friend and person to talk to, but her music is especially warm and genuine. She's also an active blogger, and posts quite a bit of interesting material including music samples and performer interviews. I first met her while performing one of her premieres with the Seattle Chamber Players, and since have been able to be involved in the genesis of two more works from her pen (or, keyboard and trackpad).

We (Yuki Numata, Alicia Lee, Kellie Kathman, and Chris Thompson -side note: Chris has some interesting posts on his site, including a very wacky video he posted in January) had a great time riding the Bolt Bus and hanging in Baltimore for a day, and the performance videos are finally ready! Here's some links - so you can pretend you were also there in the cool art gallery, listening to cool music by a cool composer, and drinking a cool beverage... ok maybe the cold weather got to my head, but it was fun! Hope you like these videos, I love the spirit in Alex's music. For now, I am headed back to the chair to practice more for this weekend's set of concerts, my debut with the San Francisco Symphony :) more about that later.


Electric Blue Pantsuit performed by Yuki and Alex (on electronics)

Bloom performed by myself and a cd