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Town Hall Seattle, New Projects, and Summer Fun

Phew! Just finishing up another hot day without air-conditioning on the farm in Oklahoma—this week has been a welcome quasi-break after the last couple of months. Waterskiing, wakeboarding, practicing cello in front of the family and just hanging out was exactly what I have needed to get reset and ready for the hard-working summer ahead. I've just added a couple of the upcoming dates to the calendar but most of the work to do is off-schedule.

TownMusic at Town Hall Seattle wrapped up last week with a concert that was more fun than I ever could have anticipated! I was joined by some great musicians—Yuki Numata, Bill Kalinkos (of Alarm Will Sound) and Jason Treuting (of So Percussion) and...

(Oh no! Totally inappropriate and irrelevant side note: as I was typing I reached for my glass of water, started to swallow and realized that the not-so-icy-feeling-ice was in fact a fly! Yuck! Back to topic...)

...we had a great time playing all-new music for an all-new ensemble. Once we figured out the balance with our great sound guy John, playing with violin, cello, clarinet and drum set seemed like a no-brainer! Look for more of that in the future. In the mean time check out our promo video for the concert. We played works by Lisa Bielawa, Stefan Freund, Alexandra Gardner, Chuck Krenner, and Matt Marks. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties we were not able to perform Glenn Crytzer's piece. The composers all made it out to the concert and we had a blast afterward checking out the sights in Seattle and relaxing in the beautiful weather. Here's a picture from one of the rehearsals in Seattle:


Among the exciting projects that I'm working on, a recital piece for cello and piano by my friend Dan Visconti is set to be written this season and premiered next June on the TownMusic series. There are other things in the works as well, and I am extremely lucky to know the talented and motivated people that I do. Looking forward very much to revealing more as things move forward!

For now, back to Popper (yes, more to come soon on the Popper Series) and a fresh glass for my water.

Oh, and what's E.T. short for? Because he only has stubby little alien legs!

P.S. One of the pieces played on the TownMusic concert last week is a piece for solo cello and electronics/boombox called "Bloom" by Alexandra Gardner. It's a very interesting piece with a lot of internal energy. We made a recording in the studio a few weeks ago... Check it out!