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Rockin' Little Rock

Home sweet home. Wait, this is O’Hare again... and yet I recognize more shops around this gate than I do around any of the other places I’ve been in the last few months. If only I could do laundry here, too!

On the way back to New York from Arkansas, looking forward to a longer stretch at home where I can explore some of the ideas that have been ruminating and really focus on the Popper Project. Midge is still reeling from the unintended insult by a woman in near the security line at the first airport, who decided that instead of a cello, she was a "guitar with a gland problem". I tried to convince her that it wasn’t a big deal, that it was better than "hey, is that a coffin?", but it seems she’s going to be stubborn until I can coax some soothing Bach out of the strings later.

This trip was quite a lot of fun. I reconnected with some old school-friends who were in the Arkansas Symphony, and heard some great jazz in between rehearsals and the concerts, where we performed the Schumann Cello Concerto. That link will take you to a short video I made about the Schumann prior to the trip. Here's a link to a very interesting radio interview on UALR, the NPR affiliate in Little Rock. The conductor for the week was George Hanson, they are in a conductor search right now and he was visiting from his home with the Tucson Symphony.

I also took a photo during our visit to a local school, the Episcopal Collegiate School.

This Shot from the Stage at Episcopal Collegiate School

These kids were great, and listened attentively and participated with questions and answers during our 45 minute presentation. At the end I told them I wanted to take a photo with my iPhone to post on Facebook, and many of them have tagged themselves or their friends since the photo went up. I’ve been using Chase Jarvis’ camera filter application for the iPhone: Best Camera. It’s a lot of fun, very easy to use and has turned me into a big fan of taking pictures. I also wandered around downtown Little Rock several times, and saw the Market and some historical buildings as well as a pedestrian bridge which I crossed over into North Little Rock. The view was beautiful (lucky weather!) and I got some artsy photos out of it which I've posted on facebook.

This week look out for a cool surprise collaboration on the way, as well as more from the Popper Project. Before I leave, I was reminded with the whole mistaken-cello thing...

What did one casket say to the other casket? Is that you coffin?

A Footbridge Across the Arkansas River